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Creative direction, script, visuals by Christine Walker
Music, sound design, editing, VO by Dennis Hysom

Christine Walker

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Christine Walker is an artist and writer who shares her expertise in creative process and visual thinking as a consultant to organizations and individuals. She enjoys an interdisciplinary career as a painter, author, graphic designer, strategic visual facilitator, teacher and songwriter. She is the author of "A Painter's Garden: Cultivating the Creative Life" and co-creator with Dennis Hysom of award-winning media, including Wooleycat songs, video and book "Wooleycat's Musical Theater."

Dennis Hysom

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Dennis Hysom is an audio producer, songwriter, composer, sound designer, musician and performer. He has created sound design for film and written and produced award-winning music and songs in several genres. He composed and produced eight nature and instrumental albums for The Nature Company/Discovery Communications for which he recorded nature sounds on location in North and Central America. He is co-creator of the award-winning “Wooleycat’s Musical Theater” (Tortuga Press), children’s book and song CD, and of apps for children (Nature Maestro). His songwriting credits include a Billboard Top-40 Country hit.

Nature Music

Dennis Hysom's original music is woven with nature sounds he recorded on location in "last great places" in North and Central America. For more samples or to order, go to CDBbaby

Ancient Voices Bayou Caribbean Cloud Forest Glacier Bay Ocena Planet Prairie


Mayan Sky (from 'Caribbean')

La Selva (from 'Cloud Forest')

Ancient Voices (from 'Ancient Voices')

Blackwater Pond (from 'Glacier Bay')

Elk Walk (from 'Prairie')

Santa Christa (from 'Ocean Planet')

Little Pecan Island (from 'Bayou')

Children's Music

Kids and parents love Wooleycat's award-winning songs and book: ”...great music and sweet lyrics that capture our imagination!” For more samples or to order, visit CDBbaby

Wooleycat's Favorite Nursery Rhymes

wooleycat favorite nursery rhymes

Three Blind Mice on Vacation in Africa

Wooleycat's Favorite Fairy Tales

wooleycat favorite fairy tales

When Goldilocks Knocks

(Written by Tim Hosman)

Animal Songs For Everyone

Favorite Animal Songs

Wheels on the Jeep

"Wooleycat's Musical Theater" Book

Wooleycat Book
For more information, visit wooleycat.com


Nature Maestro iOS apps empower environmental education. Be a Nature Maestro! For more information and links to ITunes visit NatureMaestro.com. nature maestro image

For complete information, visit: www.naturemaestro.com